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Shaar International Poetry Festival (SIPF)          

Shaar International Poetry Festival (SIPF)

Sha’ar International Poetry Festival is an interdisciplinary poetry festival, that hosts established Israeli and guest poets, as well as young promising poets and artists.

Sha’ar involves the public in the dialogue, including multi-media Arabic and Hebrew works and a wide variety of activities. Besides poetry readings a panel discussion and meetings with editors of poetry journals, the festival presents collaborations of poetry with other artistic fields: music, dance, video art, visual arts, theatre. Sha’ar publicationsinclude thePoems and Poets festival book as well as a separate English edition. 

The Vision of Sha'ar
For the past seven years, the Sha'ar festival has been a major poetic event in Israel, enriching its cultural calendar
with four days of poetry and peace. Sha’ar is the Arabic word for “poem” and the Hebrew word for “gate”.
 The festival has taken upon itself to open through poetry a gate to thought, to beauty and to human dialogue.
The four days of the festival bring center stage three different types of dialogue, which come together to form the unique experience of Sha'ar:
A Dialogue between the Arab and Hebrew cultures
a human dialogue between artists, languages and cultures
and a dialogue between poetry and other fields of art.
The festival opens these gates through a unique range of meetings/encounters:
Meeting poets in various languages and cultures; a meeting of poetry with music, theatre, dance, and video-art; a meeting of writers and readers with journal and festival editors around the world; a poetic meeting between Muslim, Christian and Jewish cultures; and a meeting between accomplished poets and the new generation of poets in Hebrew and Arabic.                                                                                                                                                 
Sha’ar also focuses on new poetry in Israel and on interdisciplinary art. It promotes work created especially for the festival through dialogue between art and poetry and - along with well-known writers from Israel and the whole world - it introduces the audience to new artists and poets.