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THURSDAY    Oct. 21       
19.30 General Reception and opening events            (at the Arabic-Hebrew Theatre)
20.00 First Session – The Opening:
World Tour Poetry reading:
1 - Elaine Feinstein, Casimiro De Brito, Ban'ya Natsuishi, Ana Blandiana, Haris Vlavianos,  Doris Kareva, Ana Ristović , José María Alvárez;
2 - Dennis Nurkse, Arundhathi Subramaniam, Lina Zerón, Marc Delouze, Ivan Hristov, Gökçenur Ç, Shira Stav, Rita Odeh
Music: the Felicia band in Balkan, Hassidic, Mediterranean and original pieces. Suzaphone - Udi Raz,trumpet - Idan Raveh, sop. saxophone - Yakov Gorenstein, alto saxophone - Michael Ben shimon, daol drum - Tia levy, percussion - Oded Aloni
Video: "Ten Minutes On The Ten Commandments" by Alon gerzon and Shalom Schwartz
Moderator: Shir Freibach
21.30 Everyday between sessions – "The 11th Commandment": festival guests are invited to suggest an eleventh commandment in a poem or a phrase.
22.00 Second Session - The 10th Anniversary
Poetry Reading: Ban'ya Natsuishi, Rita Odeh
Music and Poetry: composer and singer Alon Oleartchik hosts poets of the Helicon Editorial Board and friends:  Yael Globerman, Amir Or, Ronny Someck, Rafi Weichert, Agi Mishol, Gilad Meiri                
FRIDAY  Oct. 22
 14.00 First Session – New Voices and Word Express  (at the Tel Aviv Cinemateque)
Poetry reading: Lior Granot, Isaac Shachar, Shira Stav, Daniel Oz, Yonatan Barg, Nariman Karroum, Netalie Brown, Boaz Yaniv, Ora Nizard, Ya'ara Shehori, David Mor, Livna Katz
Poetry Performance of Word Express poets: Gökçenur Ç, Ivan Hristov, Dana Lubinsky, Ali Nassuh Mawassi, Ana Ristović amd Anat Zecharia, guided by Shir Freibach.
Video Art: 1. "A Small Country with 2 Big Moustaches" by Hannan Abu Hussein
        2. Igra Rama" by Avi Dabach after a poem by Tal Nitzan
Filmed skit: "Challenged - The Bush Is Burning For Them", a sketch by Gome Sarig and Yoni Ittiel. Actors: Shula Chen, Gome Sarig and Yoni Ittiel. Directors: Yoni Geva and Doron Aharonson
Movie: "The Decalogue" (the 6th commandment: adultery) by Krzysztof Kieślowski
Moderator: Shir Freibach
20.00 Reception and opening events                (at the Arabic-Hebrew Theatre)
20.30 Second Session - "Sex, Lies and God"
Poetry Reading: Amos Oz, Casimiro De Brito,Tzvia Litevsky, Avi Elias, Dorit Weisman, Ortsion Bartana, Arundhathi Subramaniam
Music: composer and singer Shem-Tov Levi
Dance: "Transparents"by Rona Ginat. Text: The Chairs by Eugene Ionesco. Performers: Neomi Shaish, Sivan Shvartz and Tomer Tzirkilevich, students of the Kibbutzim College of Education Technology and the Arts, School for the Arts of Dance.
Music: composer and singer Jasmin Even
Moderator: Shir Freibach
Between Sessions: The 11th Commandmentand Poetry Hyde Park
22.30 Third Session – "The Golden Calf of Poetry"
Poetry Reading:Tuvia Rübner, Doris Kareva, Elaine Feinstein, Schachar-Mario Mordechay, Riki Daskal,  Zvika Szternfeld, Marc Delouze
Music: composer and singer Ronit Rolland 
Dance: "Like Father Likes Son"by Tomer Tzirkilevich. Performers: Yiftach Mizrahi, Omer Shemer and Tomer Tzirkilevich - students of the Kibbutzim College of Education Technology and the Arts, School for the Arts of Dance.
Moderator: Shir Freibach
20.00 First Session – "Carved in the Rock" (at the Arabic-Hebrew Theatre)
Poetry Reading:Dennis Nurkse, Lina Zerón, Sharron Hass, Varda Genossar, Oded Peled, Anwar Saba, Zohar Eitan
Music: composer and singer Yasmin Even
Dance: A duet from "Quiet" - in light of the growing violence and mistrust between communities in Israel. Choreography and Direction: Arkadi Zaides, Artistic Collaborator: Joanna Lesnierowska, Performers: Muhammed Mugrabi, Ofir Yudilevitch
Moderator: Shir Freibach
Between Sessions: The 11th Commandment and Poetry Hyde Parkwith graduates of The Helicon Poetry School 
22.00 Closing Session – "Commandments of Poetry"
Poetry Reading:Ana Blandiana, José María Alvárez, Israel Eliraz, Ruth Blumert, Haris Vlavianos, Hamutal Bar-Yosef, Salman Masalha, Lea Pilovsky, Miron C. Izakson
Music: composer and singer Ayelet Rose Gottlieb


And what should we do with horses in the twentieth century?

And with gazelles

And with the big stones

In the mountains of Jerusalem (Israeli poet Leah Goldberg, in answer to the question who needs lyrical poems)


Throughout the ages, poetry has been providing human society with the sense of existential meaning beyond the dry facts, and the ability to touch the essence of our life. Recently, poetry is again becoming a central component of every nation’s and every people’s cultural identity: a textual essence of common memory, imagination, dreams and values that create a culture and make it unique.

In our country, split culturally, socially and politically, poetry has an additional major role. With its power of elevation, poetry is able to bridge between distant worlds and to reduce the distance between rivals; thus it contributes to the realization of the peace for which our region strives.


The Vision of Helicon is to return to Israeli Society and to put at its disposal

the spiritual potential of poetry and its values.

• To be the fore-runner of nurturing poetic culture in Israel.

• To bring new audiences to poetry and poetry to new audiences.

• To supply a permanent and appropriate platform for poets and their poetry.

• To foster poetry’s future generation.

• To integrate poetry within the local educational and cultural frameworks.

• To bring people closer through poetry.


Helicon is a poetry journal, a poetry press, a Hebrew-Arabic poetry school and a training centre for young poets, a producer of poetry performances and festivals, an initiator of interactive ventures between poetry and the other arts, a promoter of communication and sharing among poets writing in the various languages of Israel – Hebrew, Arabic, English, Russian and more – and an importer of poetry from the world into Israel and an exporter of Israeli poetry to the world. In short, Helicon is an independent locus and catalyst for poetry. Helicon Society was founded in 1990 by poet Amir Or and Irit Sela. Its chairperson is Dr. Liora Barash-Morgenstern.